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HeartInData – About us

HeartInData is a group of data professionists based in Milan (IT) offering their passion, dedication and talents for social good. Since May 2016, we work with people and organizations to accomplish high social impact projects in unprofitable ways using cutting-edge technologies and data models. Our mission is to value the human side and reveal the heart in data.

Manifesto h.e.a.r.t.


As volunteers, we bring our knowledge to the service of people and organizations with high social impact projects, without any economic or commercial gain. We want the world to be better through our work.


As we spend our free time together, sometimes we like coding while we drink a beer or eat a delicious italian pizza. It’s important to us to share great moments doing greater things.


During our journey, not only we aim to improve the others, but also we want us to get better. We hope to offer what we are able to do and keep learning something new from each other in order to grow up together.


To achieve great results it’s important to work hard and meet sistematically in order to guarantee continuity. We believe that giving our word it’s a serious commitment and we do our best for it.


We put our heart into this activity, because we are passionate and enthusiastic data scientists. We combine this attitude with our professional skills acquired through our job experience, as qualified specialists.

Data Science For Social Good Movement

We are among the first in Italy who embraced the Data Science For Social Good movement.